Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'Eyesore' boat can't be moved - Balbriggan Harbour

This vessel has a strange story attached to it:

HMS Portisham (M2781): HMS Portisham was one of 93 ships of the Ham-class of inshore minesweepers.
Their names were all chosen from villages ending in -ham. The minesweeper was named after Portisham in Dorset.
After her sale in 1989 she was laid up and for sale in a boatyard in Essex. She was procured for conversion to a liveaboard ship by an Irish national in 2007 and is currently the second biggest private vessel under Irish Flag.

Her home port is Dublin but it is now berthed in Balbriggan Harbour and it would appear that there is someone living on it.

I came across the following in a local newspaper:
"While legal proceedings are ongoing against the owner of the dilapidated mine sweeper that is berthed in Balbriggan harbour, the vessel described as an 'eyesore' cannot be moved. The harbour is stuck with its most unusual visitor for the time being while Fingal County Council takes legal advice on the issue. The council has said that it is not appropriate to move the vessel until legal proceedings take their course."

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